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PixelPunks presenting video of Baltic Sea Circle rally at new office

4,048 euros in donations for the “Sternenbrücke” children’s hospice as well as a program nurturing young programmers

On September 13, 2018, the PixelPunks from the Hamburg crew of sum.cumo are presenting a spectacular video of their experiences during the Baltic Sea Circle rally at the future Hamburg office. The video is also available for immediate viewing on YouTube. Thanks to the amazing support received, the crew managed to collect 4,048 euros in donations for the Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke children’s hospice as well as a program „Jugend hackt“ nurturing young programmers.

Circling the Baltic Sea alongside 250 teams

On June 16, the PixelPunks embarked on a two-week journey alongside more than 250 teams from across Europe. Some thirty colleagues from sum.como gathered with family and friends at Hamburg’s fish market to send off the Mitsubishi Pajero and its crew. From Hamburg, the rally went up through Denmark and Sweden to reach Norway’s North Cape, where a big party marking Midsummer’s Eve was celebrated with all the participants. From the North Cape, the route continued on through Finland. After the Baltics and Poland, it was then back to Hamburg on July 1, when the PixelPunks received a rapturous welcome home from the sum.cumo crew, along with delicious barbecue and cocktails on the Elbe River.

A fishy haze

The video shows how our sum.cumo team had to endure the toughest survival tests while braving the raw wilderness as part of the world’s northernmost rally. One of the greatest challenges was to drive for 200 km with an open can of surströmming fermented fish on the dashboard. The words “unusual” and “intense” are hardly enough to describe the fishy odor. Although a bit woozy, our crew naturally mastered the challenge.

PixelPunks with barter fever

During the journey, the PixelPunks team was also constantly engaged in progressive bartering, thus taking on an extra challenge. Through a series of swaps in various countries, a blue paperclip was first traded for screws, which were then exchanged for wine bottles. In the end, we finally took possession of an impressive set of reindeer antlers.

Movies about the trip and the event in the new office

These are just some of the amazing experiences to be seen in our “best of” video of the trip, which we’d like to share with you:

There are also items posted from the road, at Facebook (facebook.com/sumcumo), Instagram (@sum.cumo) and Twitter (@sumcumo).

Additionally there is a video clip from the event with impressions of the event and the new office.

Target achieved!

In any case, this road trip for a good cause has certainly proven its worth. Thanks go out to our supporters at nexible, Dextra and die Bayerische, as well as our crew: together we’ve achieved a total of 4,048 euros in donations. Half of this goes to the “Sternenbrücke” children’s hospice, a palliative care facility in Hamburg for terminally ill children. In a fitting nod to our own sector, the other half is destined for “Jugend hackt,” a program nurturing young programmers.