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New year, new job?

sum.cumo wants to expand its crew as it keeps growing in 2019

Is your current job no longer a perfect fit? So why not open a new career horizon (sumcumo.com/en/jobs)? At sum.cumo, your skills and ideas can make a big difference. What’s more, our company offers the perfect conditions for a truly great workplace: our team members appreciate the sum.cumo spirit, ongoing training opportunities and a work atmosphere that is both relaxed and productive. The crew is highly dedicated and creative, thinking outside the box while also enjoying an excellent work-life balance. Following on the great success of recent years, sum.cumo is seeking new team members for its office in Hamburg’s Schlump neighborhood and at the new location in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen.

Onboarding continues

To ensure continued success in 2019 as we drive forward the digitalization of the insurance and lottery sectors, sum.cumo is looking for new crew members to join our existing teams in the very near future, including the areas of Business (consulting, project management), User Experience (visual design, UX/UI design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript), Marketing and DevOps (back-end development, operations). The success story continues!

2018: A successful year for sum.cumo

“While other insurance tech firms have yet to get their numbers in the black, 2018 was for us another exceedingly successful year,” says Julia Lees from the management team of sum.cumo GmbH. “The crew was increased to 120 members. This let us expand our existing projects while also executing new ones,” according to Lees.