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New offices and workspace concepts for digital rock stars!

More room for new ideas – and new colleagues

sum.cumo stands for innovation in the insurance and lottery industries. So that our rapidly growing team of digital rock stars can take full advantage of their strengths and to create more room for new ideas and new colleagues, sum.cumo is investing in the expansion and redesign of its offices at its Hamburg location.

As a part of Hamburg’s digital economy, sum.cumo wants to set standards for its employees. Today, those standards include much more than just a great salary, opportunities for individual development, co-determination rights and personal extra benefits. Anyone who wants to be innovative and has chosen a career as an unconventional thinker or digital rock star also needs to feel comfortable in their work environment and must be able to work hand in hand with their interdisciplinary colleagues.

The right workspace for every thinker

With the expansion and redesign of its offices in the Studio Lofts development in Hamburg’s Borsteler Bogen, sum.cumo is creating ideal conditions for creative, efficient work. The approximately 75 staff members from the consulting, design, technology and marketing departments will have an open seating arrangement, be able to form spontaneous teams, implement many different meeting and conference formats and utilize a wide variety of modern communications technologies to achieve optimal, fun-driven work results.
Team members who work mainly from home and customers who stop by for a visit will also quickly find a place to work creatively in one of the office’s varied temporary workspaces.

The new workspaces and dramatically expanded technical infrastructure ensure that every individual employee, as well as the interdisciplinary project teams, will be free to develop their potential.