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Interview with Stephan Ommerborn, CEO of Dextra Rechtsschutz AG

Hey Stephan, congratulations on your launch. What is new on your website, what has been developed and what are the additional features?

Thank you very much, the implementation project together with sum.cumo was motivating and a lot of fun. The launch has three goals: First, the new possibilities to offer highly individual protection to our clientele via modularized products. In addition, we want to significantly increase the attention and traffic around Dextra and its pension topics with a high focus on content and through the integration of social media. The third aspect is to refresh the now established brand after strategic adjustments.

What was your goal with the relaunch?

In addition to our successful "one-size-fits-all" solutions, which convince through their simplicity, we are now in a position to offer custom-fit solutions with modules and components. Due to the diversity of our customer groups, commercial and private, we are now able to respond very precisely to different customer needs.

Dextra has managed to carve out a remarkable place in the Swiss legal protection ranking as a result of its customer-centric offerings, purely digital forms of communication and processes, and broad-based expertise. Dextra has consistently outgrown the market, won test awards, and is now considered firmly established. "Dextra is shaking up the market," is how the company's work is often praised by specialists and agents.

How did the collaboration with sum.cumo work on this project?

The cooperation is characterized by an extremely high level of understanding between the two partners. We trust each other, and we can rely on each other. Both Dextra and sum.cumo are complete professionals in pragmatism and know exactly how to reach their goal together efficiently and effectively.

What are your future plans?

Continuing our profitable growth and gaining further market share. To push forward our development into a Dextra Legal Powerhouse, also by expanding our role as a technological pioneer.

Thank you for your time and continued success.