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people@sum.cumo: Sven Wagner, Head of Frontend Development for JavaScript

Sven, you have already been with sum.cumo for six years and are a passionate web developer. Which area are you responsible for?

My focus now is on JavaScript development. Due to my long experience as a software developer (C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Ruby) I have a very good understanding of how code works and it's relation to web development, how the data flows from the user's device over the network, the internet and finally to the server and into the database.

What does web development mean to you in general, what fascinates you about it?

I grew up with the web and it still inspires me today. I find it fascinating how such a simple, although today much more complicated, technology simplifies our lives. In addition, the Internet community is constantly teaching each other new things on the subject of web development, sharing best practices, optimizing things, formulating new standards. There is always something new to learn and discover. That's what attracts me to web development. In this constant hustle and bustle and search for optimization I also see myself as a developer. The Internet and me: We simply go well together (smile).

What is web development at sum.cumo, how would you describe the work in the frontend area at sum.cumo?

Together. Demanding. Quality-conscious. Fun.

Are there any challenges in the area of web development? Can you describe them?

The web development wheel never stands still and becomes more and more complex. Regular dependency updates, the introduction or further development of Web APIs or even new implementation concepts of existing tools and frameworks take time to deal with them and stay up-to-date.

That sounds like rapid development. How does sum.cumo cope with this?

Our team continues to grow. We are slowly reaching a point where scalability should be considered. With a larger team, you now have the opportunity to develop central solutions for all projects, which you now have to recognize and conceptualize. In addition we would like to extend our offer around a PWA together with our UX/UI team. We are firmly convinced that the future lies in web development and would like to be at the forefront.

What is it that drives you most at the moment?

We are currently working together on a basic setup for future projects. There we centralize our best practices from all other projects and thus lay the foundation for future projects. In addition, we are still looking for JavaScript developers to strengthen our teams.

Thank you, Sven. Good luck with the further development.