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people@sum.cumo: Jeffrey Amaning, Technical Support Supervisor

Before joining sum.cumo, Jeffrey Amaning was setting up and managing startups in the gaming industry. Today, he heads the Support department from our Hamburg office. He loves to take on new responsibilities and challenges, and values the sum.cumo crew's diversity and positive energy.

What were you doing before you joined sum.cumo?

Jeff: Oh, man! Quite a lot, I’d say.
But basically I was busy guiding two really great companies on their paths to success.
One was Bigpoint, where I was one of the first five employees, and the other was Whow Games, where I had also been involved since the company’s founding. Along the way, I’ve been assigned a bunch of really different, interesting and challenging tasks. I kept saying to myself: “I can’t do that! There’s no such thing!” But whenever I didn’t know something, I just acquired the knowledge.

How did you first become aware of sum.cumo?

Jeff: Through friends … I mean, sum.cumo is like a big, extended family. In particular, the original core group of employees at sum.cumo had already crossed career paths with each other once, or even more than once, before. So, many of them have worked together for a very long time. Good friends of mine also ended up joining sum.cumo by way of these intersecting career paths. Whenever we got together, they’d tell me another amazing story about sum.cumo. At some point or other, I said to them, straight up: “C’mon, let’s be honest – That’s not really the whole truth, is it? You’re embellishing things a bit, right? That kind of thing just doesn’t exist …” 
But their answer was: “Yes, it does. True story!”
 I kept thinking about this for days and weeks… I mean, I suddenly knew people who, with total conviction, said stuff like: “I like being there so much,” “I really enjoy my work,” “They really take care of me” and "I never want to leave”. And they’d say these things even after having been employed there for several years – so it wasn’t as though they were still starry-eyed about new jobs.
 I couldn't get these thoughts out of my head, which finally led me to get in touch with sum.cumo proactively.

What are your areas of responsibility with us?

Jeff: My core assignment is to develop and expand our support activities. But that’s not only about conventional end-customer support; it’s also about being the liason between contracting parties and sum.cumo. Support deals with special issues during, and especially outside, normal business hours and ensures that our online presences are up and running.

Which of your tasks do you enjoy most?

Jeff: The new ones. I love doing things I’ve never done before.
But, to be completely honest, what I really enjoy the most at sum.cumo is the journey. I’m surrounded here by a bunch of incredibly cool, creative and unique characters who, despite their striking differences, work in harmony with each other in a way that I still don’t completely understand.
 Old ones, young ones, chubby ones, skinny ones, reds, greens, introverts, party animals, nerds, polo-shirt wearers… We all converge here and laugh with each other and hang out together after work. We even meet up after work. It's a kind of collaborative spirit that I didn't think was possible, and it bears witness to how good the corporate culture at sum.cumo is. But this team of people also takes a very close look at whom they admit to the family. Getting to belong to this team is like being knighted.

What makes sum.cumo special? What motivates you here? 

Jeff: What’s special and what motivates me is sum.cumo itself. The extremely positive spirit of collaboration here always compells you to think positively yourself. We’ve all known somebody who’s always complaining, who’s constantly spreading bad vibes and bringing everyone down with them. It’s how a group of people can quickly get into a negative spiral. Here, the whole thing is completely inverted. Here, we motivate, value and trust each other. And it’s exactly that positive energy that motivates me.

What things really matter to you in your day-to-day work? 

Jeff: It’s pretty straightforward and always goes both ways:

  • clear goals

  • trust
  • learning something new every day
  • dependability

  • a solution-oriented approach to work

  • respectfulness

  • professionalism
  • being open to new ideas and change

Which apps are you using? Which TV series are you into? And where are you surfing the Net, these days?

Jeff: I’m really fascinated by the Jurassic World app. Hunting dinosaurs and all that in the style of Pokeman Go. 
I’m looking forward to the third season of “Jerks” – and I totally liked “How to sell drugs online (fast)”. And… psst… don’t tell anybody, but I think “Grey’s Anatomy” is really good… I’ve been watching it for 15 seasons.