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Frontend at sum.cumo, a fast and vivid expansion

These days frontend experiences a vast development as a technical discipline. The user’s positive experience becomes more and more important for any developer. Regardless of the device, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or desktop, a website’s visuality is the most important touching point to the user. Its individuality, its user user-friendliness or simply its visual power of persuasion is a key factor to the user’s satisfaction. The goal of perfect user experience is to guide a user to his destination in the fastest and most appealing way possible. This is where it's essential to identify current trends. For sum.cumo, however, it is also a matter of shaping these trends and bringing new ideas and developments in the area of frontend on the way.

So, what does frontend mean?

In a group of videos we reflected on the topic of frontend and our very individual approach in that area. We would like to do justice to the importance of this discipline and always keep the vision for our work in the frontend in mind. In order to keep our finger on the pulse of the times, we asked ourselves a simple question: What does Frontend actually mean to us? So, Back to the basics.

Frontend is the interface between developer and user. It is what's visible - on whatever device. Frontend is what "happens" and communicates with the user. Nowadays websites are rendered via the frontend. Elements of business logic can now be found in the frontend. Nowadays the frontend is not only the interface to the user, but also the combination of design and logic. Especially due to the massive increase of mobile access to websites, the user's visual experience is a decisive factor. Frontend is experience. And this experience is becoming more and more complex and requires more and more care throughout the development process.

Frontend at sum.cumo means constant development, innovation and self-confidence

sum.cumo has met these demands. Last year alone, the frontend area doubled in size. The basis of the joint work in the frontend is the understanding that there are as few limits as there are master solutions. Basically None! To the contrary: modern frontend is a constant development, in which sum.cumo does not want to be a follower, but a source of ideas. This work thrives on the experience of each individual developer and on the courage to admit mistakes, to learn from them and to constantly apply new technologies.

The frontend development at sum.cumo is based on a state-of-the-art tech stack, developed internally. It is constantly revised and changed. In the meantime sum.cumo almost exclusively uses Vue.js. Applications are built with server side rendering. The goal is a robust foundation from which each product can be customized individually and then expanded. This combination results in the perfect symbiosis of stability and innovation. sum.cumo's own claim is not only to follow trends, but to stimulate new developments. A constant learning process on the way to the best user experience.

Rethinking starts with teamwork

This path is taken to a decisive extent by the team. Because innovation and the urge for constant developement are created by the crew of sum.cumo. The work in the frontend area thrives on the attractiveness for talented and curious developers. This should be a constant learning process in which every question and comment is expressly desired. sum.cumo offers the opportunity to develop freely, to develop further and, above all, the community to never feel alone with a problem. Because innovative ideas do not emerge in a vacuum. They prosper in teamwork and through joint brainstorming.

The way into the team leads through an all-encompassing onboarding and a clearly communicated request to openly contribute oneself and one's ideas. This is the only way to make a team grow together. Family friendliness, open mindedness and flexibility are the basic requirements. This also is a main part of innovative thinking and working. Because constant change and new developments can only come about if the drivers of these developments are able to express freely. Similar to our working progress in frontend, sum.cumo has the idea of a perfect team collaboration. Bit by bit and day by day, a way should be found to create this perfection.