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Focus on frontend: Hauke Ubl is new member of the management team

sum.cumo has developed the frontend area into a strong discipline of its own. Hauke Ubl, previously head of the front-end crew, has been appointed to the management of sum.cumo as a logical consequence.

Why does sum.cumo focus more and more on frontend development?

The continuously changing user behavior and increasing expectations of today's end users of modern online platforms present the market with new challenges. To ensure optimal usability and a positive user experience, the division successfully implemented a new tech stack last year and has been expanded to around 30 front-end developers. Today, the company not only builds websites, but also develops interactive software solutions. "The frontend, as an interface between the user and the digital world, is subject to a rapid adaptation process," explains Björn Freter, founder and managing director of sum.cumo. "Hauke has been with sum.cumo since it was founded eight years ago and is constantly driving front-end development forward. In doing so, he is shaping the development of the company and this increasingly important area in particular. He makes a decisive contribution to preparing sum.cumo for the challenges of the future. We are delighted that he now supports the management with his skills and decisions."

A short interview with our new member of the management team, Hauke:

Hauke, what front-end technologies are you using at sum.cumo? 

I could now give you a long list of the technologies we are currently working with. But there is a danger that it will be outdated as soon as this interview is published, because we are developing rapidly with the market. But for the past two years we have been focusing on Vue.js and its ecosystem. 
It is particularly important for us to remain at the navel of time and to participate in the development of new web technologies. The support and work in the community challenges us every day, because we also make our own developments available to the public, hold talks at conferences and exchange ourselves across company boundaries with other developers.

What is so special about your area?

The most beautiful design with the greatest concept is worth nothing if it is not technically implemented with the highest quality. We develop for an unmanageable number of outdated, current and future end devices with a variety of software platforms. We face this and other challenges every day.
I am thrilled by the team that deals with these challenges on a daily basis. To be a developer at sum.cumo, you always need a little bit of adventure and inventiveness. That always impresses me very much. 

What are your plans for the future in the frontend area? 

We want to be drivers ourselves and be driven by the right people. We want to work even more closely with the community, overcome company and project boundaries and advance technology. We want to make room for employees who want to try things out, who have ideas. We want to create and not simply implement. The great side effect is that our customers can continue to expect first-class products and groundbreaking consulting from us. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we really want it!

Successful frontend projects at sum.cumo

The fact that sum.cumo is professionally positioned in the frontend sector has been proven by the company in projects such as nexible, an innovative start-up in the car insurance market. In response to the challenges of the digital age, a modern online platform was built. For this purpose, business processes and interfaces were developed that are so easy for the customer to understand that they do not require a telephone or consultation.

We are looking for new people to support our team

In order to be able to successfully drive forward frontend projects in the future, sum.cumo is still looking for great people to support our team. Because the development of the company continues!