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First year in review: our office at Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen

In early June 2018, sum.cumo established a new office at Düsseldorf's Medienhafen. A year later, the crew there has now grown to eighteen members, in Backend and Frontend Development, User Experience, Office Management and Project Management, as well as management team representation. It’s time for a personal meeting with Julia Lees, the local branch manager and management team member:

Julia, can you tell us about the past year’s happenings?

In just one year, we’ve successfully built a strong and diverse team in Düsseldorf, where we’ve likewise cultivated the sum.cumo spirit and helped shape it. We were also able to gain new key accounts in the surrounding Rhineland. Our customers love visiting us, as do our crewmates from Hamburg.

In your view, what makes the Düsseldorf office of sum.cumo so special?

It’s the warm familial atmosphere that makes our Düsseldorf office so special, a spirit in which interdisciplinary teamwork is very stimulating and a lot of fun. The setting is also great, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the bustling Düsseldorf Medienhafen that I love so much, giving us views that are breathtaking in any weather. During breaks, it’s great to take a walk and browse the many inviting restaurants. And with our after-work beers, sometimes it’s not just Düsseldorf Alt on the table, but also Hamburg Holsten.

And what was your favorite highlight in the first year?

For me as a North German, the top highlight was celebrating my first Düsseldorf Carnival with my crewmates. It was huge fun and the start of a great new tradition.

So what do you guys have planned in Düsseldorf?

As a company with a certain edginess, we also to make Düsseldorf into a stronghold for cutting-edge tech companies. That’s why we host Meetups and user groups while also sponsoring events like beyond tellerrand, which took place at Düsseldorf’s Capitol Theater in mid-May. We love seeing the tech community grow and also want to be strong drivers ourselves in the integrated digitalization of the markets.
We’re currently looking for new crewmates who want to join forces with us in Backend and Frontend Development, UX, Office Management and Project Management.