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Digital and sustainable – Pangaea Life, a new world of insurance

It’s time for a new kind of insurance

Pangaea Life combines security and retirement planning with sustainability. It does this by investing the Pangaea Life fund, which was created especially for this purpose, in 100% sustainable projects like renewable energies and energy efficiency. sum.cumo has been there for die Bayerische, supporting them as a creative and technology partner from the birth of the initial idea all the way up to the launch of Pangaea Life.

Climate protection plays an ever increasing role in our society. For example, in Germany, there are a wide variety of opportunities to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, whether they be in energy production, mobility or consumer goods. Now, Pangaea Life has become the first retirement plan to guarantee that its customers’ contributions will be invested in sustainable, climate friendly ways.

In the world of Pangaea Life, a modern online platform and digital sales processes ensure that paper is also a thing of the past as far as insurance is concerned. With the launch of Pangaea Life, interested consumers can get a completely digital quote for retirement plan products. Starting around late October, it will also be possible to purchase personal liability and renter’s insurance online.

But Pangaea Life is taking all this even further. Very soon, E-Drive will offer new products especially designed to insure electric and hybrid vehicles. Pangaea Life also wants to stay in close touch with its customers. A sustainability advisory board will ensure that the Pangaea Life fund invests in the right kind of projects. In this way, the company is able to combine 100% sustainability with 100% transparency.

“sum.cumo was involved in the implementation of Pangaea Life, from the initial idea right through to the product launch. In addition to its technology expertise, the design expertise of sum.cumo was a decisive factor in our collaboration,” says Martin Gräfer, member of the board of die Bayerische.

sum.cumo and die Bayerische are convinced that insurance providers need to take new approaches and not only where technology is concerned. Target group oriented marketing that enables you to make an emotional appeal is just as important. And the products offered must be transparent, safe and offer strong performance. That is the basis of Pangaea Life.

Pangaea Life belongs to die Bayerische, an insurance group based in Munich. Die Bayerische, founded in 1858, has established a reputation for itself as an especially innovative insurer that combines new customer needs with the latest technological possibilities. For sum.cumo, Pangaea Life offered a wonderful opportunity to contribute digital competencies to a project in which the products are oriented around ethical and ecological criteria.