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DIA Amsterdam - a huge success

DIA Amsterdam! sum.cumo was there! It was amazing! The biggest Insurtech conference in the world opened it‘s gates on the old factory site in the Westerpark in Amsterdam. Our manager Björn (Freter) presented the collaboration between sum.cumo and Dextra. Alongside Dextra’s founder Patrick Eugster explained how sum.cumo plans to revolutionize the insurance market.

DIA - the meeting of the insurance industry

In atmospheric surroundings the DIA Amsterdam once again attracted famous names and newcomers of the Insurance branche as well as technology providers and visionaries of the digital future. From the 24th-27th of June the famous Westerpark became a place of gathering. In the centre was the exchange of cross-sector visions for the future of Insurtech

sum.cumo insurance platform is the basis for technological innovation

Special about DIA are the show’n tells. Instead of usual presentations the speakers present their topic in a few short minutes. Key to the show’n tell is the vivid and close presentation of the speaker’s product as well as their own deep understanding of it. Björn and Patrick introduced on the basis of sum cumo’s collaboration with Dextra the sum.cumo insurance platform (SCIP) as a basis for technological renovation and innovation. Basically it stands for: disruption is only possible with new core technology.

Open Source solution is a constantly growing library

The core of this inhouse technology is an open scource solution, that every new sum.cumo customer can use for free. SCIP is like a constantly growing library that displays the insurace business‘ main objects and processes. On the basis of SCIP indiviual business models can be displayed that are able to vary according to specific divisions, distribution channels and countries. All internal data about customers, contracts, damages or distribution partners are provided in real time and can also be made available to externals.

Many conversations at the sum.cumo-booth

In a thrilling and succsessfull presentation Bjoern and Patrick were able to deliver their message on point. Ingolf (Putzbach) and Daniel (Chennaoui) meanwhile connected with the most fascinating representatives of the insurance and IT branche at the sum.cumo community booth. The DIA Amsterdam was not only a succsess for the world of insurtech but also a memorable experience for sum.cumo

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