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Dextra: With legal protection and motor insurance to a successful scale-up in Switzerland


Dextra Rechtsschutz AG was founded in 2012 by a four-member team consisting of legal protection experts with many years of experience.

The founding objective of Dextra Rechtsschutz AG was to offer high-performance legal protection products with an attractive pricing model for private individuals, businesses and small companies and to awaken the tradition-bound Swiss market. The stable legal protection market is still growing and is served by a few firmly established market participants with a corporate background. Insurance processes should be digitalised with disruptive measures and adapted to modern customer needs. The success story of e-commerce should finally impress the Swiss insurance market.

Dextra Rechtsschutz AG and sum.cumo Sapiens jointly set up a new multilingual online platform. It offers interested parties, customers, brokers, associations and claims partners access tailored to their individual needs, which is almost completely digital thanks to seamless integration with the administration software. For example, everything can be processed and managed 100% digitally, from the conclusion of the policy to the notification of claims and subsequent claims settlement. Here, the focus was always on the use of the latest web technologies and the app model of the future was implemented: The front-end development is based on Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for the creation of single-page applications (SPA) and progressive web apps (PWA). Increasing sales figures show the success of this focus.

With increasing success, the business is also growing: In 2018, Dextra Versicherungen AG and sum.cumo Sapiens launch the first fully digital car insurance in Switzerland. Dextra is not only relying on its existing technological lead in the Swiss market, but is also expanding this lead by using dynamic pricing. The basic system architecture is based on open source and on SCIP, the "sum.cumo Insurance Platform". Here too, Dextra and sum.cumo are once again paving the way for the future of the industry.

The secret of success of this unique project is the combination of the latest web technologies, a lot of courage and unique collaborative work of the teams. Today, we are an integral partner of Dextra and are responsible for technological and process development as well as online marketing and brand development.



  • dextra Rechtsschutz is a successful digital scale-up in Switzerland.
  • dextra Rechtsschutz stands for digital legal protection insurance and is the fastest growing insurance company in the sector.
  • The company offers omni-channel sales and service processes in three languages.
  • sum.cumo Sapiens has accompanied dextra as a tech and marketing partner on this journey since 2012.
  • In 2018 sum.cumo Sapiens and dextra successfully launched a second company in the field of digital motor insurance.

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