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Dextra: Digital insurance can also be simple

A success story from Switzerland

The case of Dextra Rechtschutz AG, which sum.como has supported as a close strategic partner since it was founded, shows that insurance can also be simple.

The cozy and somewhat predictable world of insurance has been fundamentally changed by the Internet. New business models are popping up rapidly and entirely new players are increasingly crowding the market – the demand for solutions for the new digital world keeps growing and growing.

It is not easy for established insurance companies to keep pace with today’s much faster, constantly changing market and its opportunities. A lack of resources, insufficient experience and traditional structures and work practices often stand in the way.

The stable market for legal expenses insurance in Switzerland continues to grow and is dominated by a few well established market players with a corporate background.

Achieving success as a new entrant in such a traditional market requires an entirely new approach.

An independent actor in the Swiss market

Dextra Rechtschutz AG is led by a four-person team of founding experts with many years of experience in legal expenses insurance. To ensure that it holds an independent position in the Swiss market, the company is privately financed.

The company offers private individuals, enterprises and small businesses high quality legal expenses insurance products with an attractive pricing model. To make this possible, it was decided to rely completely and systematically on digital, customer-oriented processes.

The Dextra Rechtschutz AG online platform offers current and perspective policyholders, brokers, associations and claims partners individual, customized portals that function almost entirely automatically thanks to their seamless integration with the company’s administrative software. The Dextra team can thus focus on providing service to customers and important partners – and very successfully so!

Dextra Rechtschutz AG broke even after just 1.5 years in operation. Consumer advocates and independent testing institutes have confirmed the company’s top position in the market for legal expenses insurance, with clear results. In the meantime, Dextra conducts more than fifty percent of its business directly over the online platform, but the more than 900 certified brokers also enthusiastically use the portal to quickly and easily obtain price quotes, offers and contracts for their customers.

Simplicity is the top priority in the cooperation between Dextra and sum.cumo. Long term plans, project committees, performance specifications and marketing coordination have been banished from the everyday routine and replaced by collaborative, agile process and project management. The thing that is currently most important is what gets implemented – which means that it is now possible to establish new products and implement adjustments within just a single week.

In addition to continuing to develop technologies and processes, sum.como is also handling online marking for Dextra and managing the Dextra brand. Here too, the strong impact that thorough, consistent and digital processes have upon the company’s success is evident: Dextra Rechtschutz AG’s current search placement campaign is the most successful Google campaign in Switzerland in company’s segment.

The company is already implementing its next strategic steps. In summer 2017, Switzerland’s first completely digital automobile insurance will be launched – of course by Dextra and with sum.cumo.