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DACH-Headquarters Sapiens at Hamburger Schlump

Hamburg, 15th. of June 2021 - Sapiens moves into its new offices at Schlump in Hamburg, the new DACH headquarters of the Israeli software specialist.

Acquisition of sum.cumo formed the basis for entry into the DACH market

The acquisition of Hamburg-based InsurTechs sum.cumo at the beginning of the year was the first step towards expanding its market presence in the DACH region and Sapiens was able to further strengthen its offering with complementary digital solutions.

German market as key business region for Sapiens

Sapiens' goal is to expand its market presence in the DACH region. In the future, Germany will be one of the five most important target markets for the NASDAQ-listed tech company, which employs 3,400 people worldwide. "In two to three years, Germany could be our second or third largest business region," confirms Roni Al-Dor, CEO of Sapiens. This will be accompanied by the creation of new jobs for digital specialists. Sapiens and sum.cumo already employ almost 200 people in Germany.

IDIT and CoreSuite offer the best conditions

Sapiens is one of the few software providers that can offer modern cloud-based solutions in inventory management for both composite and life insurance on all five continents. Sapiens benefits from the trend that many insurers are replacing their legacy IT systems with innovative and internationally proven standard insurance software as part of their digitalization offensives.

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Ingolf Putzbach
#management Ingolf has been one of the two CEOs of sum.cumo since July 2016. His job is to keep developing the company as an attractive employer of digital virtuosos while also advancing its position as a digital trailblazer for insurance companies and lotteries. Prior to sum.cumo, Ingolf was a founder and partner at Arkwright Consulting and the Germany CEO of Halogen AG. Ingolf cherishes the great enterprising spirit here and says “that every minute at sum.cumo is a pleasure for him.” Innovation, sustainability and individual freedom are important to Ingolf both at work and at home, shaping his actions in every way. Ingolf’s words have appeared in many media outlets, including [Versicherungsjournal](https://www.versicherungsjournal.de/vertrieb-und-marketing/wie-kann-man-als-makler-heute-digital-verkaufen-135254.php), [Intelligent Insurer](https://www.intelligentinsurer.com/contributed-article/purely-digital-insurers-and-their-service-providers-increase-the-attractiveness-of-germany-s-insurance-market) and [Finanzportal Joonko](https://www.sumcumo.com/ist-das-neue-vergleichsportal-joonko-check24jaeger-oder-maklerschreck) and [Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen](https://www.sumcumo.com/unternehmen/interview-zeitschrift-fuer-versicherungswesen). Furthermore, Ingolf’s commentary on “Guidewire mania” appeared in the magazine [Versicherungswesen 22 (2018)](https://www.sumcumo.com/blog/content/de/zfv-putzbach-guidewire-mania.pdf). All articles by Ingolf