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people@sum.cumo: Cora-Nadine Harder, teamleader backend

Living the sum.cumo spirit from home

In our series people@sum.cumo we introduce the members of the best crew in the world. Cora is a backend team leader on one of our projects, and was among the earliest to join the sum.cumo crew. For our customers she writes clean code from her home office and loves working with her teammates to develop state-of-the-art features. We wanted to know whether it's possible to experience the sum.cumo spirit while working from home.

Could you tell us about your training and your previous employment before sum.cumo?

I did my training at PTL, a private vocational college in Wedel, not far from Hamburg. During my final semester, I looked for a company where I could do my final paper. They actually hired me after I finished college, and so I worked there for four years.

How did you arrive at sum.cumo?

It was at my previous workplace that I met Björn and some other coworkers who are now also employed at sum.cumo. It was one of those coworkers who asked me if I’d like to go work at a very cool company.
And that’s how I became one of the earliest employees at sum.cumo.

How important are web development and web design in your life? What attracts you to this field?

For me, web development is not just a job, it’s a passion. I absolutely love solving intricate puzzles. Instead of just spending a couple of minutes on a problem, I really enjoy looking for the best possible solution. The key here is to write clean code that is perfectly clear to everyone else.

What are your duties and responsibilities at sum.cumo?

I’ve gathered more and more experience and skills through my years at sum.cumo, so they’ve entrusted me with more and more duties and responsibilities. At the moment, I’m the backend team leader on one of our projects. At sum.cumo, if you give it your all, you can really achieve a lot.

What do you enjoy most about your work life?

I love solving problems as a team, and to work together on developing features. It never gets boring, the work is quite varied and there are always interesting challenges. The logical and exacting nature of the work is a lot of fun for me. Beyond that, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with my colleagues.

What kinds of freedoms do you get with working at sum.cumo? What’s so special about sum.cumo for you?

At sum.cumo, we enjoy a lot of freedom, and each employee is approached as an individual. I’ve been working from my home office for several years now, which means I come in only sometimes. The working relationship with sum.cumo is always fantastic, even when you’re not actually on site. They take care of their staff, making sure that everyone is doing well. There are also regular events where the whole crew can get even better acquainted while having fun together.

What do you find important in everyday interactions, and what does an ordinary workday look like for you?

I think it’s very important to be friendly and helpful to one another, and that problems can be openly addressed. On top of that, you need to feel like you can rely on the entire team.
Our team does what we call a “standup” every morning, where each person says what jobs they took care of the day before, what problems came up and what they’re planning to do today. After that, there might be meetings, discussions with clients, design sessions or organizational stuff. Otherwise it’s programming, programming and more programming.

What apps do you use yourself? Which series do you like to watch?

In my free time, I enjoy escape rooms, as well as other games of logic that require a lot of thinking.
I really like watching series that include time travel, but I generally like other kinds of sci-fi series too. My absolute favorite show is Doctor Who.