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2020: Off to new shores - time for a new job?

The year has passed you again in fast forward speed and again nothing has changed job-wise? Time to change that! We will show you why we are the ideal reason for a change and what makes us so attractive as an employer.

What happened in 2019

An exciting year lies behind us in which a lot has happened at sum.cumo. 40 new crew members and a freelancer now strengthen the existing crew and not only within Germany. Now that Hamburg and Düsseldorf have long since established themselves as locations, it's time to move on to new shores. Our newest pride: Zurich. Peter (Dähler), sum.cumo's partner of many years, takes care of daily business there as Country Manager.

It's not just new locations that create variety, further training is also important for us. Our crew attended 42 conferences in 2019, which gave us insights and expertise on new topics. At eleven externally hosted Meetups and six of our own Meetups, we were even able to take on the role of host ourselves, whereby a total of around 500 guests were welcomed from our large community.

Communication is the be-all and end-all

We communicated in 3,750 standups and almost 7,000 zoom meetings of approx. 1.2 million minutes in 2019. New customer projects were initiated and our cooperation with existing customers was further expanded. Regular people.talks were introduced, which offer an open exchange between crew member and manager.

There was reason to celebrate not only because of the successful deals, we are also very happy about the 76 jubilees and seven sum.cumo babies. Our spacious cafeteria with its modern seating, including cooking island and game consoles offers plenty of space. Over 4,800 rolls eaten at our Monday meeting and nearly 100,000 coffees drunk in 2019 were enjoyed. The internal after-work events could also be celebrated there with one or the other after-work beer. In addition, a family Halloween party was launched.

sum.cumo goes green

In the coming year we also want to work on becoming greener and improving our ecological footprint. As early as 2019, 30 job bikes and 83 professional cards were used, and we intend to expand this further. Further measures beyond personal mobility are planned.

We are looking for reinforcement

2020 promises great things. To ensure that we can continue to grow, our 150-strong team is of course constantly looking for new members to drive forward the digitalization of the insurance and lottery industries. The Frontend, Backend, Consulting, User Experience (Visual Design, UX/ UI-Design) and Marketing departments are looking forward to new talents who want to expand our great team.

Send us your application, we look forward to hearing from you.