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Coming to life: Sapiens UX Competence Center

The Sapiens management in Israel has identified UX/UI design as one of the drivers for strengthening customer loyalty, not only in the insurance industry. From this insight, the UX Competence Center (UXCC) was born. We spoke to Erik Preusker, who was given the lead for the UXCC and manages it from Hamburg.

Erik, first of all, congratulations on your new role within the world of sum.cumo Sapiens. How did it come about in the first place? Why is Sapiens investing here?

Well, based on some successes of the UX/UI team in pre-sales and sales, involvement in customer projects and commitment to product development for the Digital Suite, Sapiens colleagues approached us with the idea of a global UX Competence Center. We evaluated this together and now see it as a great opportunity to bundle the competencies in this area that were spread around the world until now.

Who is part of the UXCC and what are its tasks and goals?

The 12-person UXCC provides UX support to product, sales and development teams to enhance Sapiens' offerings on multiple levels. But we also coordinate UX capabilities within Sapiens, for example in India.
The UXCC will enable us to connect user needs with strategic business goals. Doing so, we will develop a unique selling point in the industry and can help make Sapiens even more successful from a global perspective.

Is it really purely about UX/UI?

Not only, of course, we also want to leverage other potentials that bring us closer to the goals mentioned above. In addition to our extensive expertise in UX design, we are very well positioned to offer a wide range of additional services. These include marketing activities, research for product development and for client projects, analytics, testing, performance audits, brand design and UX writing.

That sounds so exciting. If you were to formulate the vision of the UXCC, what might it be?

Something like this: "The UX Competence Center should become the central department for high quality user experience services within the Sapiens organization."

We wish you much success in this mission, thanks Erik for the insights!