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Collaboration X on SCIP User Day 2020

The first SCIP User Day, organized by sum.cumo, starts on September 10th at 9am. At our Office - Schlump One the most important stakeholders of the SCIP community come together to further expand the development of digital products through collaboration.

During the morning, participants can expect many exciting talks, workshops and insights from the areas of strategy, product and technology, which can be chosen according to their focus and interests. In addition, the digital pioneers John-Paul Pieper, CEO of nexible and Philipp Knott, freeyou board member, will be present, who will provide exciting insights into the development of the market as well as the development and application of SCIP from a customer perspective.
In the afternoon, the motto Collaboration X will be put into practice in three different workshops:

  • CollaborationX: Customer centricity? Learning from the competition? Live User Testing!
  • Collaboration X: Hey SCIP, what's next?
  • Collaboration X: Architects of Tech - let's build it together!

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You can find the complete agenda of the day here.

SCIP is a web-based platform hosted in the cloud with full API and separation of back- and frontend. In comparison to proprietary solutions, the platform offers maximum flexibility and individuality, which can be tailored to the products, offers and services of each insurance company for specific target groups. While SCIP Core covers all basic processes of portfolio management, SCIP Sales is the solution for portal solutions from policy lines to customer and partner portals with extensive self-service possibilities.
Open Source, collaboration and open ecosystems have made SCIP what it is today. The strongest release SCIP 10 is the result of the joint cooperation with digital leaders like nexible, Dextra, freeyou and rhion.digital.

If you would like to participate in the event, please apply here. We are looking forward to you.