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A short and sweet recap of beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2019

13 talks, 32 notes

sum.cumo has been a proud and happy sponsor of beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf. Just coming back from the event, Franzi (Gertz), Jens (Meiert) and Thomas (Nohl) are sharing one or two or three one-line highlights from each presentation. Talk about a long story short (check out the videos)!

Charlie Owen: Constraints can enhance creativity and help produce better results. Have the courage to say “no” in order to employ constraints.

Carolyn Stransky: Documentation is about humans. Documentation should be honest, helpful and human. Everyone is a beginner at some point and your documentation can enable their success.

Mike Hill: The best way to understand a story is to understand what sets off the whole action. Stories make and break lives. Stories shape you, you shape the world. When in doubt of going for quality or quantity: go for quality and make the world a better place.

Red Hong Yi: Creativity is like a muscle. There’s beauty everywhere around us, if you just take a closer look. Challenge yourself to stay within boundaries and see where it brings you.

David Carson: Just because it’s legible doesn’t mean it communicates. Stay curious. Keep doing what you love doing. Don’t let conventions kill your creativity.

Rob Draper: If you are in a crisis, focus on the things that mean the most to you and keep going.

David Delgado: Curiosity can outgrow fear. We give and we get permission to imagine.

Stephen Hay: If you copy from brands you don’t know what led them to their solution. Instead stay open and find solutions that fit your customers’ needs.

Shirley Wu: Be curious and creative. Explore the data before you start the design. Make data visualization easy to understand and fun to perceive with creative and descriptive animations and images.

Zach Leatherman: “Web fonts are good.” Do you still use icon fonts?! Fonts are like software: they need maintenance and updates too.

Dorobot: We are inspired by people who do things we wish we could do. Think inside the box before you go outside.

Heydon Pickering: Consider applying CSS depending on the number of elements there are (quantitative queries). Stay curious and find the magic in CSS.

Tantek Çelik: Stop scrolling Facebook, start writing your own website and connect it to the IndieWeb.

Thanks Marc and team for the as always wonderful event, and here’s to meeting again at the next beyond tellerrand! 🙏